Episode 44: Jesus Defeated Death, But How Can We KNOW it REALLY Happened? + Book Giveaway. (Better Late than Never Edition)

Hello everybody, and I’m sorry for being late on this edition of the podcast. I have a decent excuse, I think. Yesterday (Wednesday) at 4pm, I went out and jogged a few miles. Got home, showered and ate in preparation to go teach at our church, Valley Baptist Church, which you should visit if you are in Salinas/Monterey. Unfortunately, my heart started racing and wouldn’t stop, and so I had my eldest daughter drive me to the emergency room. They admitted me and ran more tests on me than I took in fifth grade, and drew more blood out of me than a hefty vampire eats in a decade. I know, I know – fat shaming vampires is wrong. I am sorry, Drac. Anyway…they finally let me out around 6pm and said that everything with my heart was good, and thank you for all of the blood. So – here I am. Drained, but unwilling to miss a day on our podcast venture.

Today’s readings are in Genesis 46, which sees Israel leave and settle in Egypt. Job 12, which sees Job fire an awesome snarky snap-back at Zophar, and Romans 16 in which Paul commends the mysterious Phoebe. One episode soon, we will discuss whether or not Phoebe was a deacon, but today’s focus is on the resurrection, and how we can know Jesus overcame death. Because I lost a day to my involuntary blood-donation drive, I am going to read a chapter out of my book Easter, Fact or Fiction, which discusses an interesting – maybe absurd – reason to believe Jesus rose from the dead. Yes, I know that is slightly lame. To counterbalance it, I’ll send a free copy of that book – paperback form – to anybody who leaves an iTunes review this week. Just screenshot it and send it to my email address. That might be lame too, but cut me some slack, as I am bloodless. (Look for a future upcoming episode on the so-called longer ending Mark – is it legit?)

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